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What is Super 8?

You've probably seen this style of cinematography in your grandparents' home videos---sitting around the Christmas tree while the kids open presents.

There is just something in these videos that draws you in, longing to be sitting there, too. It's those warm, sentimental feelings that keep you wishing the video would last just a little bit longer, as you see the smiles and true joy flash across the screen.

That is the best way I can explain Super 8 film, and I'd love to be able to add those nostalgic feelings to your wedding film, too.

Super 8 is video film that became popular during the late 1960's and 1970's. 

Why you should add Super 8 footage to your wedding film


Super 8 holds a special vintage and "home video" style that creates nostalgia through its grainy texture and shaky movements. It gives those sentimental feelings we long for in life without waiting 25 years for them.


This vintage film generates that unexplainable feeling of warmth and joy by capturing the true emotions felt on your wedding day.


Super 8 film allows the true moment to be captured without the opportunity to "redo" it over and over. There's a beauty in the raw, "in the moment" shots that digital filmmaking can't capture today.

What you should expect by adding super 8 to your wedding package

1 / Timing

Each reel of Super 8 film captures around 2.5 minutes of footage. We recommend purchasing at least 2 reels for full day highlight coverage.

2 / Final Video

Clips of Super 8 footage will be used in your final wedding video, unless otherwise noted. Your final video will be a compilation of digital and Super 8 footage, 

as shown on the left.

3 / Additional Video

In addition to including your Super 8 footage in your final wedding video, you will also receive a separate video file including all of the Super 8 footage that was captured during your wedding day set in chronological order, as shown at the top of this page.

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